Thursday, July 31, 2008

Conference-Workshop on Migration, Gender, and Trafficking


Conference-Workshop on
Migration, Gender, and Trafficking
22-24 September 2008
(venue) Davao City

Centring the Human Rights of Migrants, Trafficked Persons, Domestic Workers, Other Affected Sectors

The conference's goal is to bring together researchers, academics, lawyers, trade union/labour sector, human rights and feminist activists, NGOs and local government practitioners dealing with the pressing issues of migration and social vulnerability and its nexus with trafficking in persons, gender, labour demand and exploitation in order to share knowledge, share best practices as well as practices that impact on the human rights of various sectors, and to identify gaps and seek solutions.

The Conference workshop will strive to distil thecurrent state of scientific research and debate in these fields with theaim to provide a future outlook and policy-relevant recommendations

The conference will address the challenges to centre the rights of migrants and trafficked persons, as well as to bring the voices and agency of Filipino and foreign migrant survivors at the core of anti-trafficking initiatives and policies.

It is conceived to allow in-depth discussions of specific topics and themes, such as the varying elements and nuances on the phenomenon of migrant smuggling and trafficking in persons with reference to the Palermo protocols (supplementary protocols of the UN Convention on Transnational Organized Crime).

Sponsored by the Buhay Foundation for Women and the Girl Child

In partnership with:
the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW)

Interested parties may contact:
Buhay Foundation for Women and the Girl Child
Mailing address- P.O. Box 190. 1099, Manila, Philippines
Tel. Numbers: (632) 3834424 Mobile: 09175269144

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